Legends are born on the field


Lauf an der Pegnitz, May 8, 2018. To successfully play in a world championship, you need actors to create magical moments – and not just on the field. lento, an innovative company from central Franconia, is introducing lillus: a special furniture collection that is closely associated with the most legendary encounters, their players, and the balls used in each game. The manufacturer has reinvented itself – with very special materials and an expanded range of items, lillus marks a new chapter for the company, making it even easier for architects, designers and furnishers to create spaces with an original aura.

In an age that loves novelty, the past seems more valuable than ever. lillus draws on the cultural resource of sports. The models in this special collection remind us of big and small stories from sports history. They showcase the unique and unmistakable, and they thrill us with craftsmanship and tradition. “Sports write stories that are universally understood. They are about winners and losers, drama and emotion. Everyone understands that and is touched by it, worldwide. And that’s exactly what our furniture represents,” says Managing Director Jürgen Zimmermann.

In honor of this year’s World Cup, the manufacturer has reinterpreted its soccer models, seeking out especially authentic materials. It searched worldwide for the very special leathers used on the extraordinary cushions. The materials needed to show imperfections and tell the lived history of sports – the story of all those balls that have been well used and much loved.

Among other things, lento’s search turned up the two leathers that are now used in its soccer armchair. “You have to see it and feel it,” says Zimmermann. The new covers are even more evocative of the special feeling of bygone days, of an individualism that has become rare now. The materials are an obvious reference to the Roaring Sixties and Seventies, visually anticipating the natural aging process. They will continue to gather experience as they are used, developing a fine patina and even more character; they will take on traces, wrinkles, a special grip. And they will continue to tell each model’s story.

The line that started with a lounge chair in 2006 has now become an extended family. In addition to the well-established lounge chairs, the range also includes a smaller shell. Thanks to its more compact form, with a choice of many different bases, this model can be used as a barstool, counter stool, dinner or cocktail chair. In a sense, lento is “passing the ball” to furnishers and interior designers, as well as private customers, for every imaginable seating situation: for a cafeteria, bar, counter area or restaurant, for designing foyers, lounges and waiting areas, VIP and player zones, or as a special eyecatcher in an office, living room or children’s room.

All of the lillus models and versions have one thing in common: with their customizable outfits, they can be tailored to every space and every desired atmosphere. There are countless possibilities when it comes to meeting the most unconventional customer requests. Some models can even be used outside. There is the classic model inspired by the original ball, like lento’s current range, and they come in subtle monotones as well as bright colors. The seats harmonize with their surroundings while maintaining their timeless, classic flair.

“Nothing tops this collection when it comes to representing the entire spectrum of sports,” says Zimmermann’s co-Managing Director, Mario Felsch. “Our customers get to choose their own cover for the ball.” That means choosing the materials to be used as well as the color. Since every model made is based on a custom order, covers can be chosen individually. The furniture manufacturer draws on products from leading fabric and leather suppliers. Whether you are looking for club or company colors, an embroidered or printed logo, there is always a way to reference the customer’s property and/or the relevant brand.

The collection speaks to architects and designers as well as private customers, because it is able to integrate emotions into commercial properties and into people’s lifestyle at home. lento realizes that the standards for commercial furnishings are rising. The premium segment in particular demands unusual items, and it believes these products with their influential ball design are just that. They convey all the passion found in sports, create an atmospheric context, and invite people to enjoy the quality and materials. The seats can be used anywhere that has to do with sports, whether people are reminiscing about them, playing them at a high level or consuming them.

That applies worldwide, because sports speak a universal language. They fascinate, excite and connect people in every country in the world. Accordingly, lento has an international focus. The lovingly detailed chairs from the metropolitan region of Nuremberg are delivered to destinations all over the world. The company’s showroom in Lauf an der Pegnitz allows potential customers to see and try out all of the models.

You can’t go wrong with a classic – that is the idea behind all the models in this collection, which were developed as handmade masterpieces with all the aesthetic details of traditional handcrafting. The manufacturer’s range has the right product for many different ball sports – golf, tennis, basketball or baseball. The chairs combine a passion for sports with the refined style of classic pieces. Each one is a faithful reproduction of a real ball, in both proportion and material.

The German manufacturer created 2 different models for its soccer-obsessed native country – as an homage to history’s most famous balls. They evoke athletic milestones that are still remembered today: wembley, an exact replica from the legendary matches of the 1950s and ’60s, uses classic brown shades. The cover consists of 18 separate pieces laboriously stitched together by hand. hattrick, on the other hand, uses the characteristic mix of black pentagons and white hexagons that is standard for today’s soccer balls. This design has embodied soccer since the early 1970s, and the cover was also faithfully reproduced.